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Danish artist Christina Christensen.

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“I have a very visual mind. I find inspiration everywhere. My artistic development takes place almost unconsciously like visualizations in my head. I combine a small glimpse of inspiration and ideas into an inner picture. It’s unnecessary to create physical sketches. Often my motivation starts with material or technique that I want to experiment with. Sometimes an idea evolves on a single day and I need to bring it to life immediately. Other times, it can take weeks or months to combine the perfect ideas — and even though the idea is clear when I start, the process is always changed by new inputs and directions.”

A quote by Christina Christensen, from the book “Woven together: Weavers & Their Stories” SANDU Publishing and Gingko Press.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me for collaborations, questions or other interests.
I would love to say hello! Contact info@christina-christensen.dk