Christina Christensen

Visual artist / Designer

Visual arts and poetic creations.
An exploration and interpretation of nature through weaving, drawing and photography.

Arden Asbæk Gallery Bredgade 23, Copenhagen, Denmark.
jun-aug 2024

  • Fine art print

    A woven herbarium. Ongoing process for every month of 2024.

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  • Analog photography

    Pure nature captured with Olympus Trip 35, an analog vintage camara – no filter or edit.

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  • Arkitektur / Design

    Interview about the use of nature materials in arkitektur / design #2 2021.

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  • The Biennale for Craft & Design

    Debut exhibition at The Biennalen for craft & Design on 18. april - 5. maj 2019, at Nordatlantens Brygge in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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  • Nature materials

    The raw materials of nature is a vital inspiration and plays an important role in my work.

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  • Woven together

    ... Weavers & Their Stories.

    Included with 23 inspiring designers, artists, and craftswomen to talk about our weaving stories.

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