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Visual artist / Designer

Christina Christensen, born 1984. Living and working in Odder, Denmark.

Exploration of materials, light and rhythm through weaving – creating visual poetry and remarkable experiences. All projects naturally evolves around circular materials, biodiversity and comments on the lifestyle of the western world.


    Studio in Odder, Denmark.

    Steinbeisser– sep 2022 – Experimental Gastronomy, Amsterdam.

    3daysofdesign – June 15-17, 2022 #circularfurnituredays – Exhibition at The Villa of Designmuseum Denmark, Lifestyle Lab CPH, Bredgade 74, Copenhagen.

    ART 56– week 42+43, 2021 – Artist in residence, Hvide Sande, Denmark

    Through Objects: Crafted & Curated – dec 2020 – online showcase.


    Interview and talk about nature materials in the magazine "Architecture and Design" #2 2021. By Johanna Nyborg.

    “In my process I explore singular, essential materials and repetitions along with toned down colours from nature. Rhythms and patterns unfold like visual poetry. I use my intuition and my physical tool to communicate sensuous and inspiring experiences.”

  • WORK

    "Sometimes an idea evolves on a single day and I need to bring it to life immediately. Other times, it can take weeks or months to combine the perfect ideas — and even though the idea is clear when I start, the process is always changed by new inputs and directions.”

    From the book “Woven together: Weavers & Their Stories” SANDU Publishing and Gingko Press.