Cotton/linen twine, brass and rye straws.
    75 x 78 cm 

  • REED 

    Cotton twine, brass and reed straws.
    80 x 68 cm

The Biennale for Craft & Design

– uden stråforkortere. (- no straw shorener.)


Exhibited at The Biennale for crafts & design on 18. april - 5. maj 2019 at Nordatlantens Brygge in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

The Biennale is a combined exhibition and competition showcasing contemporary Danish crafts and design. The theme for 2019 was "Community".


From the exhibition catalog, about the works of Christina Christensen:
"As human beings, we like to control the earth and the nature we inhabit. 
Nature provides resources for everyday life and is interwoven into our life like a shared language. Without it, we would fall apart.
Hence, climate change and overexploitation of the earth have consequences for everyone in the world.
It is a shared responsibility to take care of nature and to avoid drenching it, for example, in straw shortening chemicals, which are suspected of harming fertility in humans and animals.
The works are woven of rye sourced from a nearby field by the city of Odder and reeds harvested on Kysing Beach.
No Straw Shortener shows two ordinary crops and plants in a new and relevant context that brings us up close to something we often take for granted and see from a distance."

Read the exhibition catalog at FORMKRAFT