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Christina Christensen



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STARLINGS II ‭[‬2024]‬

Handwoven on an upright, old, danish floor loom.

Leftover Italian deadstock yarns.

Mounted at top back, on a wooden stick.

71 x 88 cm.

The weaving is a part of the 'Summer Crush' exhibition at Arden Asbæk Gallery. Please contact the gallery if interested.


Migratory birds has always been a fashination to me. 

The little black dots in the sky, always in motion.

Where are they from, what have they seen? 

Every day they have to find food and a new place to rest for the night.

The Starling is a migratory bird, living in large flocks all over Europe and beyond. Dependent on nature, regardless of boarders. They fly back and forth, connecting us.

These individual Starlings are highlighted in the handwoven textile, to bring us up close to something we often take for granted and see from a distance.

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